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Network Design Services
Don’t know exactly what you need? That’s easy…just tell us what you need to be able to do, and we’ll put together a solution that will meet your businesses demands. 
Cabling & Fixtures
Coupled with our electrical build-outs, we can put your network right where you need it, in as many places as you may need too. We can even help with setting up Wireless Systems. 
Telephony & VOIP
Whether you need traditional telephony services, or will be utilizing a state-of-the-art VOIP system, we have the knowledge and experience to setup and install it. 
Network Security
Securing your in-house wired and wireless networks from the world is a necessity, and we can help you make sure your information stays safe and secure.  
Network Maintenance
Much like everything other type of machine, servers and IT equipment need periodic maintenance and software/firmware updates. Let us help keep you up to date. 
Network Troubleshooting & Repair
Having an issue connecting a device or computer? The pros at Westerfield can troubleshoot and repair most any network issues you may have within your building.
Westerfield Electric has been providing Voice and Data Network installation services for quite some time now, and we’d be happy to discuss the infrastructure you need to stay connected. We service small companies as well as large enterprise-sized multi-site companies as well, and provide everything from cabling your building(s) to custom designing of your entire network. We also offer maintenance services to keep your network operating at peak speed, and your equipment up to date.
Our Capabilities
Network Design
Equipment Setup
Network Cabling & Fixtures
Switch & Routing Setup
Office/In-house Server Setup
Equipment Recommendations
Network Troubleshooting
Network Repair & Maintenance
VOIP/Telephony Installation & Repair